Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Bahaanay ko

Insaneeyat kay toh ashk hain, aansoo hain,
Jab bahanay ko,
Bun, Chanab aur Ganga,
Sab sarhadey tor, beh jaya kertee hain,
Seekhaney ko!

Sangeeta Suneja

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The goodbye

Only, if
the goodbye,
The ripened apple falls on the ground,
It never gets hurt,
The bough, the branch and the apple,
Just pass it on,
The taste of life.

Sangeeta Suneja

The auction

Often, when
The creation and the creator
forget each other,
They play each other's role.

The godplayer plays god.
God says
Its my will
I am the mighty,
As you all!

Tears away,
the piece of art,
At the auction,
Sells well
The pieces of destruction,
To buy peace!

Sangeeta Suneja

Monday, 15 December 2014

Yeh ehsas

Bhagtee car say ehsaas,
Kabhee tez aur kabhee dheeray,
Kehtay hain, dooree banay rakhay,
Aur chaltey bhee rahain.

Yeh ehsaas!
Kabhee toh oonchey horn par, kound kay
Ruk say
Jaatey hain,
Aur fir furr say,
Kahee urr jatey hain!

Sangeeta Suneja

Saturday, 13 December 2014


A bunch of crisp peach roses,
Their words are silent, yet travel
far and wide,
Tender and charming,
Unwilling to hide.
I met a gang of girls,
All in love,
garlanded my evening.
On their way back,
They tucked away in their hair
my tender marigolds,
Touching their napes, opened their secrets
Flaming shyly, in love,
They were floored,
I read,
Everything that, their smiles told.

Sangeeta Suneja

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My cup of tea

A drop of tea
Can not stain my cup of tea,
It stays behind
When I have finished drinking,
To tell
It was my cup of tea, to her fellow drops,
She knows,
I fail in my every struggle to finish it.
Guilty of wasting the last few sips of tea,
But then, thats me.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A pinch of my nothingness;my inertia

In between the momentum,
Like breathing,
I await,
For the inertia
to settle
Into clear quartz crystals,
to be powdered into a pinch of nothingness,
Of my once liquid existence,
Not restricting anymore it to be
Monoclinic(ally) practical or
Momentous, flowing, me.