Sunday, 21 September 2014

Oh yeah!

Your hope
My hope
A distorted rainbow,
Tucked, behind my left ear,
A style statement,

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

It is you

When the night is black and blue,
The grey silk, creases over
covers the far away horizon,
Slipping over the silhouette,
And then suddenly,
The rose petals
Turn bright red, 
on the dark green branches,
There is a sudden sparkle,
I know,  it is you.

Sangeeta Suneja

Monday, 15 September 2014

The vacuum cup

I search for you,
My vacuum cup,
That, empties me up
Enclosing, my stillness,
The one, that closes me,
Into you,
The one,
which, with the sixteen horses on
Each side,
Can not pull apart,
My stillness.

Cup me up,
In my stillness,
My vacuum cup!

Har taraf insaaf hai

Yuu hee kehnay
Ko keh daetey hain, hum toh,
Na koi raat hai,
Na khwaab hai,
Na koi aasman hai,
Na hee aaftaab hai,
Chan'd bulbulay hai,
Aankho mai, neend kay,
Magar ab tu, jab mehtaab hai,
Toh dekhtee hoo'n
Toh har taraf, insaaf hai.

Sangeeta suneja

Khwaab ho?

Agar khwaab ho, toh
Chaley aao,
Subah ki dastak,
Mai abhee daer hai,

Neend ki raah
Tumhay guzarna hoga,
Kyunkee, jab
Aankh khulee
Tabhi savaer hai.
Dar kinarey
Kar gayay
Kaee Tassa'vur
Tuh aaftaab hai
Yaa, koi ghat'ta bardhtaa
Khel hai.

Sangeeta suneja

Sangeeta suneja

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I invite you all

I have been invited to participate in PILF, to moderate a panel discussion titled 'THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF POETS TOWARDS SOCIETY', at 2.00 PM to 3.00 PM on the 20th September, 2014 (sponsored by Butterfly & The Bee),
with Mr R. Raj Rao, who is a poet, writer and teacher of literature and "one of India's leading gay-rights activists."His 2003 novel The Boyfriend is one of the first gay novels to come from India.Rao was one of the first recipients of the newly established Quebec-India award, He works as a professor and head of the English Department at the University of Pune. Ms Sujata Parashar a poet and a Novelist and two other Pune based poets.

I invite you all to 'The Pune international literary festival on behalf of Ms Manjiri Prabhu, the festival director and the PILF team.
Thank you Sumit G Sehgal for connecting me to  the creative paragons. I look forward to meeting you all.


Saturday, 13 September 2014

I decide

My days,
Lit, like
An oil lamp
Scribbling, smokelessly in the sky,

Nerves, and nights,
I have left behind,
As I decide,
Now, its the time to be a wick,
Create, some broad daylight,
To sail, a little, high.

Sangeeta Suneja