Friday, 22 August 2014


Kuch khayyal
Aasteen kay saamp huaa kertay hai'n
Mouka paatey hee dduss laitey hain.
Aur eik yeh sapairra munn,
Shoukeen hai khatro'n ka,
Tabhee toh,
Insanee nasl par
Iskay waar huaa kertay hai'n.
Josho junoon kay ambaar huaa kertay hai'n.

Buss choukana rehna hoga,
Kyunki, sabsay jyada
Mun ki sarhado par, apnay hee mun kay
Ghatak waar hua kertay hain
Kuch khayyal
Aasteen kay saamp huaa kertay hai'n.

Sangeeta Suneja

The selfless

I am in love
With my 'self,'
Her 'foolishness' is what
I love her most for.
At times, in my heaviness
I am jealous of her,
She is such a 'fool,'
I have no choice, but to 'love' her.

When I am 'light',
And with my 'fool'
We are an instant hit,
And then, we 'become,'

Sangeeta Suneja

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hazaar suraj

Chintao'n kay fanoos jalaa ker dekha
dhooa'n jyadaa kertay hain, aur roushanee kum,
Ab to roushan andhairey hain mast,
yuu haath pakerday, hurdum,
Bundh aankho'n say bhee, yey
bharosay say, hazaar suraaj huay.

Sangeeta Suneja

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Reit kay ghar

Geelee reit par ghar banana,
Fir lehro kaa aa ker unko bigarna,
Fir eik naya ghar,
Fir eik nai lehar,
Geelee reit
Kai baar ghar see bun chipak jaatee hai paanv mai,
Aur koi lehar nahee aa paatee,
Wahaa taq,
Aur woh ghar,  chala aata hai bunta hua,
Apnay samandar aur kinaro'n ko samaitey, sang sang,

Fir acchanak dhoop mai,
Reit sookh ker chamaktee hai aur
Bikhar jatee hai damaktee hui dooor taq
Sitara sitara
Seep seep,
Ghar aangan may.

Sangeeta Suneja


Kisi din,
Panee par tairtey,
Hawaon say khailtey
Mairey lafz
Tum taq,
pahunch jaa'yain
Toh hawao ka rukh mord daina.

Sangeeta suneja

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The silly milestone

The traveller, travels out
of me,
On the free tickets of the own sweet will,
My placid observations, are pointless,
I am just a pebble,
Placed, near a milestone,
Like him,
I have no silly stories of distance,
To tell.

The roadblocks

A VIP goes to earn his political blessings
From the father of nation, at Raajghat,
In the manicured gardens,
While the leaves move, on the trees, amused,
I am so excited, at the roadblocks,
I am almost in tears,
The traffic snarls, unmoved,
We bless him too,
Meditating in our cars,
There is so much to do,
While the traffic is at a standstill,
We pray,
God! Show them the way,
Trees! Please behave!

Today again, I was stuck on the road,
Both ways! Emotionally charged,
The capital is often crowded with, 
the traffic of their intense belief in truth!
Which everyone thought, was long dead.
Hey Ram! I say, when ever
The convoys, in search of truth, moves,
Towards the graves,
I try to counsel my time,
Instead, I get drained.
I re-calculate the tax,
On the roads, income, sales, excise, duty, toll, etc etc that I pay!
They have never refunded my time,
I object to it, I shout aloud and say